John Comerford

Washington’s Next Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

John Comerford has enjoyed a long and successful career in the public and private sectors. In the private sector, John has created jobs through the various financial service businesses that he has started and run. John is a pragmatic leader who believes that we must fundamentally reform our tax system. John places a high priority on protecting and expanding the rights of women, minorities, and others that have been “outsiders” to the political and economic system. John realizes that there is no “do over” on environmental issues and that we need to make sure that as elected officials we serve as prudent stewards of our environment.

John feels that we need to bring clean and energy-efficient jobs to Washington State, while protecting and promoting our agricultural, aerospace, and technology industries. He is a true believer in the concept of “doing well while doing good,” and believes that environmentally and socially responsible investments can be structured in such a way as to allow full compliance with established fiduciary standards.

John is a practicing and active member and leader of his faith community who uses the lessons learned from his religion to help and support others, especially the poor, disenfranchised and marginalized. As a husband and a father, he strongly supports family and human rights, while recognizing that we are all different and elected leaders need to recognize, protect, and promote individual and group legal rights in our diverse society.  

John is not a “professional politician” looking for his next “stepping stone.” John believes that the Office of Treasurer is too important to be left to a politician and needs professional management. John is the right person for this job and has the experience, education, and credentials to prove it.